Meaning and Purpose of Education

Meaning and Purpose of Education

The word education is derived from the Latin word “Educare” to bring up which is related to educere “Bring out, bring forth what is within or bring out potential, etc.  

Education can be explained in two senses.

  • It is an act that has an influence on a person’s mind, character or physical ability.
  • In a technical sense, education is the process by which society transmits its knowledge or skills from one generation to another.

Verbally education can be defined as:

               “Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, developing skills, training, learning of moral values, beliefs or habits, etc”

Types of Education

There are 3 types of education.

  1. Formal
  2. Informal
  3. Non-formal. 


Formal education is a fully planned, structured and systemized type of education. Informal education, fees are paid regularly. It is subject-oriented. It has a specific grading system. Curriculum and syllabus are provided to the students. It is important for a good career as it helps in finding good job opportunities. Schools, colleges and universities are examples of formal education.

Informal Education

It is the type of education that occurs in regular classrooms but not subject-oriented and out of the structured curriculum, There is no formal curriculum or syllabus. Informal education is spontaneous. Examples of informal education are self-directed learning, coaching, networking or peer programs, etc.

Non-Formal Education:

It also takes place outside the recognized institutions. It is an open-ended education system. In the non-formal education system, age or time limit is not fix. Anyone can get involved in either the public or private sector. Examples of the non-formal education system are vocational training programs, lifelong learning programs, aesthetic activities, etc.

Importance and Purposes of Education:

Education is important for people of every age. It is irrespective of caste, creed, and gender

For Stable Life:

Education is the most important for a secure job. A person should certainly need to get educated for a dream job and enjoy the benefits of a luxurious lifestyle.  Education guarantees lifetime income as a person can get a lot of job opportunities.


Education can make a person self-independent not only financially but also it makes you wiser. So that you can make your decisions on your own.

Self Confidence:

Education makes you a confident person. If you have knowledge and information you can take part in any discussion.

Better Use of Technology:

Education provides us information related to technical skills. It tells us about the better use of modern technology like mobile phones or computers etc.


Education helps a person to learn about the disciplines of life. It teaches ethical values and manners. People become more mature, sophisticated and well-mannered. It is important in gaining respect in society. It gives people the knowledge and skills they require. It promotes peace in society. 

Purposes of Education in Society:

Religious purposes:

Religious education is the education of a particular religion, its various aspects, faiths, beliefs, etc. Religious education helps people to learn about their religion and teachings of it. So people should know about the actual beliefs of their religion. And how to act upon them.

Social Purposes of Education:

The development of society is directly related to education. The sense of well-being is enhanced which further encourages good physical or mental health. It broadens the vision of people and opens up their minds. It removes baseless beliefs and hatred from society. It helps individuals to differentiate from facts and myths.

  • Education develops awareness among society about the actions of the government either to protest against the actions or support it.
  • The most important social purpose of education is to obey law and order.
  • If a person is well-educated and has information about all the rules and regulations of law then he would act maturely. 
  • No incidents or robberies will happen if everyone is obeying the laws of society.
  • Education plays a vital role in the prosperity of a nation. It helps people to learn about more ways of earning. For example business opportunities, investment methods, job facilities. 

Economic Purposes:

Education helps in strengthening the economy of a country. It is directly related to the economy of a country. As people’s education improves, human capital also increases and also productivity and creativity. More educated workers will tend to work more productively and earn high salaries. 

The following are general purposes of education.

  • The main purpose of education is to get more information and knowledge about every little aspect of life.
  • Education can bring positivity in life.
  • It strengthens the mind of a person so he can learn how to deal with the challenges of life.
  • Education makes people more productive.

So, education is very important for a nation to grow and to compete with the world. 

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