Higher Education as an Agent of Change


  • Introduction 
    • Definition of education
    • Role of education
    • Higher education 
  • History or evolution of human development
  • Economic development and higher education
  • Social development and higher education
  • Technological development and higher education
  • industrial growth and higher education
  • Political scenario
  • Role of higher education in building international relations
  • Role of the higher education commission
  • Conclusion 


Human beings are the most blessed creature of the universe. Humans have priority because of sentience on other creatures. Education plays a great role in developing manners, ethics, moral values to move in a society.  

As quoted:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’”

by Nelson Mandela

Role of Education

Education is as necessary as oxygen to survive. It gives knowledge, builds confidence, and opens the doors of opportunities to compete with the world. Education helps people to survive on the individual level, national level, and international level. It overcomes poverty, provides employment, boosts up the economy of a country, decreases crime level, and these types of various factors make a nation super strong.

Higher Education

Higher education is the tertiary type of education also known as post-secondary education. It leads to an academic degree level. Higher education contributes to highly educated, professional and skilled people to the manpower of the nation. Scientists and engineers can develop more technologies to ease human life, highly trained managers can run their organizations more effectively, highly specialized doctors can do more relief to humans, and professional teaching staff can contribute more to the future development of youth rather than non-professional or least educated staff.  

Higher education is important in every sector. It is equally significant in social, economical, political, technological reforms. 

History or Evolution of Human Development

There was a time million years ago when men used to live in caves, ate leaves of trees, no sense of wisdom, knowledge, how to live, what to eat, etc.

According to science, the human brain developed from 650cc to 1500cc. Then the voice box developed and also various types of cries. Gradually, the pictorial language developed. After the invention of the wheel, printing was the major invention. It made it possible to store knowledge. In the last century, man has invented the radio, the telephone, satellites, and mobile technology, etc. it is only possible due to higher education. 

Economical Development and Higher Education

The strong economy is the backbone of the nation and the highly educated and innovative people directly contribute to the economy of the nation. So the people with higher education have better pay structures so they have lesser chances to remain unemployed and to live in poverty. According to research people with higher education tend to earn more than people like school graduates. So if a person is highly qualified then he will automatically value the importance of education and will continue education from generation after generation. This will increase the income of families from decades to decades. 

Thus income will Eventually contribute to the economy of the nation thus improving the economy of the country. educated people contribute significantly to tax. Payments and local state and federal government levels.

Social Development and Higher Education 

Higher education affects people in the social sector. Social scientists lay stress on higher education in order to equip individuals with more skills and etiquette. 

Though it is always not true, social scientists believe that highly educated people are more likely to behave soberly. As he/she will be more cultured. He /she will be more likely to engage in voluntary work, for example, donation of blood, etc. 

Highly educated people are more conscious about their health and also take care of their hygiene. So children of highly educated people have higher cognitive skills than children of other people. 

Educated people are supposed to be more responsible citizens than uneducated people. They are more aware of the importance of family, education, family planning, etc. They are more aware of drug abuse, smoking, violence against women, or child labor, etc. They are more prone to the disadvantages of these activities than illiterate people. That is why highly skilled and educated people are running schemes for youth promotion, promoting the culture of tolerance, eradicating poverty and working for human resources management. Technological development and higher education

This is an age of technology. Technological development is only possible with skills and education. Examples of the technological revolution are from ringing alarms to ringing phones in our pockets, from stoves to microwaves, etc. These are all the miracles of technology. The significant changes in manufacturing, telecommunication, telecom industry, production, textile, sanitation system, clean water facilities, all are brilliantly done by highly skilled scientists and engineers. 

All departments are working online and they store all data on their websites. This is only possible due to computer engineers. All organizations are dependent on the computer for their work. Complex Softwares have been developed. Different apps that are available on the play store are also an example of the technological revolution. Highly skilled professionals can help a lot to boost the productivity of organizations. 

Industrial Growth and Higher Education

Industrial growth is directly related to the economical growth of a country. Those countries whose industries are developed are most likely to appear stronger in the economy rather than other countries whose industries are not well-developed.

 High skilled laborers are required in industries to fully flourish. High profile technology, improved manufacturing, and production techniques operating heavy machinery, etc are only possible by highly skilled industrial managers. These factors will eventually boost industrial growth. 

Political Scenario

Political leaders are those who determine the entire attitude and destiny of the nations. People before the present age of education were experiencing political leaderships like monarchy, dictatorship, etc. Now people living in the age of democracy in which they elect their own representative. This only happens due to awareness. People know their interests better so choose leaders according to their interests. Education spreads awareness in every sense.

On the other side, higher education also develops world-class leaders which represent the nation gracefully. 

Role of Higher Education in Building International Relations

This is an era of globalization. A country cannot remain isolated from other countries. So countries have to build international relations with all over the world. Countries improve relations with each other by exchanging student professionals so that they can learn from each other’s practices. These delegates of students are professionals who don’t represent them individually but in fact, Carry a whole nation’s image. So it is very important for them to be highly sophisticated and is only possible due to higher education which teaches them how to behave and how to live.

On the other side, political leaders and foreign ministers also play a huge role in International relations so These political leaders should be highly skilled, qualified and educated.

Role of the Higher Education Commission (HEC)

The Higher Education Commission is working remarkably to improve higher education in Pakistan. It allocates budgets to government universities Which in turn offer scholarships. Scholarships are merit Best and to the needy students Who have an urge to get higher education.

The following are developments by the higher education commission. 

  • Development of digital library
  • Development of computer labs
  • Development of multimedia and projectors
  • Development of online teaching and learning resources.


Pakistan is in need of higher education reforms.

Pakistan is a developing country so it requires effort to increase job opportunities, business opportunities, opportunities to eradicate poverty and invite investments and FDI, development of industry, development of IT, development of health, medical, engineering.

So Pakistan needs revolutionary reforms in political and technological, social, and industrial sectors; these reforms are only possible due to higher education.

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