– An Absolute SCAM!!

Why We Chose

Since it was an event of Eid and we heard a lot about Baroque as they huge audience over social media websites like Instagram and Facebook, I thought it’s time to buy something for my family and that’s when the real problem started. It was not our first experience with online shopping so we were quite confident when we placed our order.

Previously we had a great experience with other brands like Maria B, Kayseria, Nishat Linen, etc but this we tried to explore something unique and different, not knowing the consequences it was about to disclose. So my family chose a dress and I placed an order at on 18th July 2020 and paid them via credit card, the receipt is attached along with. Shortly I received an order confirmation email that my order has been placed and I will be notified once my order will be shipped.

Confirmation Email From Baroque

Then the Problem Starts

I can’t remember when was the last time I had to lose my money just because a random merchant thinks it was a fraudulent payment online, maybe I am lucky! NOW IT WAS THE TIME TO DELIVER THE PRODUCT BUT about 2 days later, on 20 July 2020 I received an email from one of the representatives from saying that the amount I’ve sent to them is fraudulent and they need some documents to verify if the payment was done by the authorized cardholder.

At first, I was reluctant to provide my personal information like pictures of my National Identity Card & Credit card but then I felt I am kind of stuck and have no other choice but to provide them with the information they need and to get my issue sorted out not knowing the fact that THEY WERE DOING IT ON PURPOSE! Online frauds are very common these days and different merchants have different ways to deal with it. According to Baroque, they are protecting a fraud by holding someone else’s payment of PKR 8600 for no reason. Suppose even if I used a fraudulent credit card, they should immediately refund the payment so that it can reach its original owner but instead of that, they decided to keep that payment and never ship products.

After providing them with the required documents they simply stopped responding to my emails and did not pick even a single call. After several attempts to contact them, I received an email where they simply declined to ship the product as well as to process the refund.

Reviews of Baroque at TrustPilot

Before you place an order on their website, I would advise you to go through the reviews provided by different people about this website at THIS LINK. They have a TRUST RATING of 2.6/10 and unfortunately, this is minimum a website can have.


These people don’t respect their customer and that’s the heartbreaking part of their business. My family member was messaging them on Instagram and they literally BLOCKED HER ON INSTAGRAM because she was asking them how could they hold payment if it was fraudulent.
For those who are thinking about using CASH ON DELIVERY as a payment method, beware about the product itself! Just read the reviews here and save yourself from being the next victim of this online scam.

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  1. I had the same experience… I am also a victim of their scam. I ordered two pairs of trousers worth rupees 3400.. they sent me one with the cheapest quality and after that, they stopped responding to me…

  2. Xactly, thev are sending cheapest quality dress and then not respondng aftr many msgs commnts mails they said u return and get a voucher to get any other item. Then stop responding. FLexen article, cheapest quality no embroidry patch matched, dupta totaly unmatched. They need to drag to the court. They fraudulent

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