There Should be Colleges Just for Men/Boys and for Women/girls


  • Introduction
  • Current scenario of education in Pakistan 
  • Need for education
  • Concept of gender in Muslims
  • Culture of Pakistan
  • Factors responsible for separate institutions
  • Perception of coeducation in our society
  • Factor to increase the literacy rate in our society
  • Possible results of a separate education system
  • Conclusion


Human beings are the most blessed creature of the universe. Humans have priority because of sentience on other creatures. Education plays a great role in developing manners, ethics, moral values to move in a society.  As quoted by Nelson Mandela:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’”

The word education is derived from the Latin word “Educare” to bring up which is related to educere “Bring out, bring forth what is within or bring out potential, etc.  

Education can be explained in two senses.

  • It is an act that has an influence on a person’s mind, character or physical ability.
  • In a technical sense, education is the process by which society transmits its knowledge or skills from one generation to another.

Type of Education

Formal Education

Formal education is a fully planned, structured and systemized type of education. Informal education, fees are paid regularly. It is subject-oriented. It has a specific grading system. Curriculum and syllabus are provided to the students. It is important for a good career as it helps in finding good job opportunities. Schools, colleges and universities are examples of formal education.

Informal Education

It is the type of education that occurs in regular classrooms but not subject-oriented and out of the structured curriculum, There is no formal curriculum or syllabus. Informal education is spontaneous. Examples of informal education are self-directed learning, coaching, networking or peer programs, etc.

Non-Formal Education:

It also takes place outside the recognized institutions. It is an open-ended education system. In the non-formal education system, age or time limit is not fix. Anyone can get involved in either the public or private sector. Examples of the non-formal education system are vocational training programs, lifelong learning programs, aesthetic activities, etc.

Current Scenario of Education in Pakistan

Pakistan is facing a very critical situation in the education system. Pakistan ranked 113th out of 120 countries in education according to UNESCO’s education system. Pakistan’s literacy rate is only 57%. 

Need for Education

Education is as necessary as oxygen to survive. It gives knowledge, builds confidence, and opens the doors of opportunities to compete with the world. Education helps people to survive on the individual level, national level, and international level. It overcomes poverty, provides employment, boosts up the economy of a country, decreases crime level, and these types of various factors make a nation super strong.

Concept of Gender in Muslims

Pakistan is a Muslim country. The concept of genderism is different in Islam as compared to the West. According to Islam, scriptures or cultural traditions may affect the relationship between males and females. Islam gives proper dress codes for Muslim women.

As in the Holy Quran

“O children of Adam, we have provided you with garments to cover your bodies, as well as for luxury. But the best garment is the garment of righteousness. These are some of God’s signs, that they may take heed.” 7:26

So if we are living in a society that has a co-education system then there will be more evil things related to Islamic purdah. Islam has gender discrimination in the sense that women are obligated to cover themselves by doing hijab or veil. Women and men are spiritually equal but it has been preferred that men are superior to women as they are both physically and emotionally strong. So separating institutes for men and women is quite necessary according to Islam.

Culture of Pakistan

Pakistan is an Islamic country so it practices the Muslim culture of ancient Rashideen caliphate to the early Ummayad period. Islam does not allow coeducation. So it is a tradition of Islam from caliphates to the present era. And Muslims follow this tradition. It also fulfills the complete dress code as guided by Islam. Our cultural and moral values do not allow coeducation according to the Islamic code of conduct.

Factors Responsible for Separate Institutes

There are so many factors which explain why separate institutes are necessary

  • First, it is again the law of nature. Boys and girls are temperamentally different from each other 
  • They have different duties to perform. According to Islam, a girl is required to receive education in order to become a good wife and a good mother. 
  • But coeducation may have negative impacts on the minds of teenagers
  • Strict traditional parents are also reasons for demanding separate schools and colleges for girls and boys.
  • Unethical situations may be developed. When both girls and boys study in the same place there would be more chances of unethical activities like harassment or emotional foolishness.
  • Depression or physiological problems are the main reasons for the co-education system.
  • It is natural that the opposite sex attracts each other, this can disturb the momentum of the study. And this is the main reason students destroy their future.
  • Some religious parents do not allow their daughters due to the co-education system because they think this as immoral and unethical activities.

Perception of Co-Education System

Coeducation is perceived as a useful education system but actually is not. Many advantages of the co-education system like to build confidence or develop a sense of competition have been explained but it has more disadvantages than advantages. So Islamic countries discourage the co-education system. It is basically the western education system. And it is restricted in Islam. 

Factors to Increase Literacy Rate

It is a strong factor in increasing the literacy rate in those countries which oppose the co-education system. Parents ban their daughters to join those schools, colleges or universities that have a co-education system. So having separate schools, colleges or institutes influence the literacy rate. Education is a very necessary element for girls. When girls are educated, their countries become more strong and prosperous.

Stated by Michelle Obama.

To educate a girl is to reduce poverty.

Stated by Kofi Annan. 

If you educate a man, you educate an individual but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.

African proverb.

Possible Results of Separate Institutes

Single-sex schools or colleges yield better results. Females feel more comfortable in girls than in boys. Separate schools and colleges have less violence, gender discrimination, and physical or emotional harassment.

Boys and girls have a different attitude towards learning. Boys learn better in cool classrooms while girls perform better in warm classrooms as reveals from studies. So there should be separate schools and colleges for boys and girls according to their learning perspectives. 

Purposes of Education in Society:

Religious Purposes

Religious education is the education of a particular religion, its various aspects, faiths, beliefs, etc. Religious education helps people to learn about their religion and teachings of it. So people should know about the actual beliefs of their religion. And how to act upon them.

Social Purposes of Education

The development of society is directly related to education. The sense of well-being is enhanced which further encourages good physical or mental health. It broadens the vision of people and opens up their minds. It removes baseless beliefs and hatred from society. It helps individuals to differentiate from facts and myths.

  • Education develops awareness among society about the actions of the government either to protest against the actions or support it.
  • The most important social purpose of education is to obey law and order.
  • If a person is well-educated and has information about all the rules and regulations of law then he would act maturely. 
  • No incidents or robberies will happen if everyone is obeying the laws of society.
  • Education plays a vital role in the prosperity of a nation. It helps people to learn about more ways of earning. For example business opportunities, investment methods, job facilities. 

Economic Purposes

Education helps in strengthening the economy of a country. It is directly related to the economy of a country. As people’s education improves, human capital also increases and also productivity and creativity. More educated workers will tend to work more productively and earn high salaries. 

The following are general purposes of education.

  • The main purpose of education is to get more information and knowledge about every little aspect of life.
  • Education can bring positivity in life.
  • It strengthens the mind of a person so he can learn how to deal with the challenges of life.
  • Education makes people more productive.

So, education is very important for a nation to grow and to compete with the world. 


The consequences of co-education are harsh. Pakistan is an Islamic republic. And 95% of people residing in Pakistan are Muslims. Islam influences purdah on women or girls. The term hijab mentioned in Quran is 5 times.

“O you Children of Adam! We have bestowed on you raiment to cover your shame as well as to be an adornment to you. But the raiment of righteousness, that is the best. Such are among the Signs of Allah, that they may receive admonition.” AL-Quran(7:26)

And another verse says,

“O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad). That will be better, so that they may be recognized and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.” Al-Quran(33:59)

Hence, it is clear from both religiously and culturally that separate schools, colleges, and universities are far better than the co-education system.

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