Pakistan Medical Commission

The establishment of the Pakistan Medical Commission and Dissolution of PMDC is still a mystery. On 21-OCT-2019 PMDC was dissolved and a new regulatory authority was established to govern the healthcare sector in Pakistan named PMC or Pakistan Medical Commission.

Govt. of Sindh, PIMA, and YDA has clearly rejected this commission and has warned Govt. of Pakistan with legal consequences if PMDC is not restored ASAP. But for now the Govt. has not responded to anything publicly, instead, PM Imran Khan has nominated nine people as a member of this council. First meeting of PMC is going to be held on 28-oct-2019.

Members of Pakistan Medical Commission

  • Roshaneh Zafar
  • Mohammad Ali Raza
  • Tariq Ahmad Khan
  • Dr. Rumina Hassan
  • Dr. Asif Loya
  • Dr. Arshad Taqi
  • Dr. Anees Rehman

PMC ordinance can be checked here.

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