Modern Day Communication Via Social Networks Puts an End to True and Sincere Relationships


Social interaction states that the interaction between two or more than two persons and the meaningful contact is required for this interaction. For example, the interaction between customer and shopkeeper, the sense of interaction between mother and child as child suckling’ mother. The basic interaction between the public and political conferences.·  Social interaction is basically an order of social action. Social action and social interaction are both processed by the worth of word interaction. Interaction is basically based on social groups, social processes, social fundamentals, and social elements. Social interaction is the interaction that changes attitude and behavior among individuals. Social interaction is the soul of life. It is always action-reaction in nature.

The Interaction 

It may be defined as it is the sort of contact between one, two, or more than two persons. It is always reciprocal in nature. It is a stimulus-response reaction.

 Elements of Social Interaction

  • Two or more than two persons.
  • The reciprocal relationship between them.
  • Influence on the event, behavior, and brain of an individual.

These three conditions inter-relate with each other, and convert them into a social group.·

Types of social interaction

There are two prominent features of social interaction.

  • Physical interaction
    • Physical interaction in the form of interaction in which physical elements signify like, biting, beating, kissing, pushing, pulling, wrestling, hitting, kicking. Physical interaction is also called direct interaction. Two teams playing and a war between the two groups is the best example of direct or physical interaction.
  • Symbolical interaction
    • Symbolic interaction in the form of interaction the individual uses gestures and language. Language is the basic element of any culture. Interaction is also used in animals and birds. The human communications devised are sharp and effective more than that of animals. There are few examples of symbolic interaction.
  1.  Individuals use instruments to facilitate symbolic interaction like; Telephone, wireless, telegraph, postal system, sea, rail, etc.
  2.  Individuals use gestures for interaction. Deaf and dumb is one of the best examples of symbolic interaction.

Forms of social interaction

  1. Between individual and individual
  2. Between individual and group
  3. Between-group and group
  4. Between individual and culture

      Social interaction is found in various forms;

  •  Between individuals and individuals is that form of interaction that is found between two persons. That interaction is found in the teacher and student, the mother and child, the customer, and the shopkeeper.
  •  Between individuals and groups is that form of interaction that is found among one and group of people. This sort of interaction is found teacher and students the teacher interacts with numbers of students at a once whole time. The speaker addressing the audience, the Imam leading prayers are the common examples of this interaction. This is one of the distinctive sorts of interactions.
  •  Between-group and group interaction is that interaction in which two teams are ready for matches or two forces are prepared for fighting against each other, two delegates are discussing an issue.
  • Between individual and cultural interaction is that in which people listen to the radio, watch TV, enjoy a movie in the theatre or cinema, listen to the news. This is, in fact, action-reaction interaction. This is reciprocal in nature. People have interactions in this way with mass communication and bring changes in their lives.

Processes of social interaction

  • Competition
    • Competition is one of the basic processes of social interaction. Nowadays, competition is at the high edge in that era. Every social- culture competes with western societies for up-grading their socio- background and wants to seem superior from others. Thus in the general walk of life, everyone must compete for water and air that are essential for life. For example, in western countries there is always competition occur among high –scale business and industries but in Eastern countries, there is competition arise for the rare value of culture, IZZAT which may be either through economical or social possessions.
  • Conflicts
    • Conflicts take a dominant position in social- interaction. It takes place when members of any party or group actively threaten each other, injuring or destroying each other. Conflict may exist in varying degrees. It may be organized, physical, and intellectual.

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