Feelings After You Lose Someone

Emptiness – If you want to summarize everything in one signal word, it would be EMPTINESS. Initially, it all starts with feeling like nothing else in life matters anymore. You will feel like it next to impossible to focus on work, hobbies, school, or anything that you had an interest in. You might lose your appetite, high fever, and headache may jump in to hurt you even more.

Then you’ll start blaming yourself for all the troubles, issues, and problems you had together. And you will show them you are willing to do whatever it takes to fix those problems in an effort to get them back. You might call them a hundred times until they block you or you may end up showing at their home if you can. After thousands of calls, they emotionlessly block you or ask you to leave their home. This is when the reality that relationship is over finally hits.

Your motivation dies and you lose your entire self-esteem. You get to realize that nothing is ever gonna be the same. You start spending most of your time alone listening to some sad tracks and you feel broken, beaten, and abandoned. You struggle to get out of your bed every day where-as your former partner has moved on and is happy without you. You feel like all your time is spent crying and yelling. You don’t care about yourself anymore.

Remember they say crying and time is the best healer of all times? It doesn’t really matter how old are you. Whether you are a virile 22 years old woman or an empathetic 24 years old guy, it is okay to cry. You shouldn’t feel abashed and embraced in front of your parents. Losing someone is a very disturbing and distressing experience and grieving is the best way to heal.

Time is another main factor…


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